It’s Release Day!

Today is the day! It’s RELEASE DAY! Who else is excited? Can’t just be me and Anna! I am happy to announce that my first novel, Lies Left Behind is now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback on Amazon! Here’s the link: Lies Left Behind: Gordon, Maryssa: 9798528851174: Books I will be hostingContinue reading “It’s Release Day!”

eBooks or Print? How do they Measure Up?

To start off, I use the Kindle app. I read books on the Kindle app. I read books to my daughter on the Kindle app. But we also have three overflowing bookshelves. There are pros and cons to both eBooks and print books. Here are mine. eBooks Pros Compact You can have a hundred booksContinue reading “eBooks or Print? How do they Measure Up?”