Past Projects

Letters from Lily

In 2021 I was the editor for C.E. Corrales and Michael Jaymes’ novel Letters from Lily.

What once gave me nightmares now gave me lustful dreams. I thought maybe it was just my curiosity at first, but now I was beginning to think there was a deeper desire. Something inside of me didn’t just want to know more about the picture. Something told me I wanted to partake…

With only a few weeks left of senior year, Zach can’t wait to be out of high school. He’s never been part of a clique, had a girlfriend, or felt accepted. With no direction, Zach sought the perfect opportunity to make himself feel noticed. But he never imagined that chance to come in the form of an unexpected letter. What Zach didn’t know is that each mysterious letter depicted the image of an impending murder. With every new drawing, Zach discovers dark secrets within himself. How long can he hide from the truth before he’s caught red-handed?

Find it on Amazon Here: Letters from Lily

The Executioners Book One

From 2018 to 2020 I worked with Vanora Belmont on the first two novels in The Executioners series. Below is the first novel in the series:

As an Executioner, it’s Anora’s job to hunt down dangerous supernaturals that threaten the human race. She loves her job, despite the constant threats and hatred towards her kind. Feeding the disquiet between the races, a powerful warlock emerges, seeking to fuel the humans’ rage against the witches. Torn between living the life she wants and the life expected of her, one thing is certain: dark times lie ahead, and Anora’s biggest secret is about to be revealed.

Making “New Rich” Books Work for You

In 2018 and 2019 I was the main editor for Kevin Price’s book Making “New Rich” Books Work for You.

So you have read Four Hour Work Week, The E Myth Revisited, and Rich Dad Poor Dad, but have little to show for it but a good read. Kevin Price, host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business radio show, explains why this happens and what one can do about it in his compelling book, Making New Rich Books Work for You. It is based entirely on his own struggles.

Find it on Amazon Here: Making “New Rich” Books Work for You


In 2018 I was the editor for M.A. Lorie’s second novel Reminiscence.

A powerful, ancient magic, passed down through generations, lands in the hands of a young demon hunter.

The aftermath of Richelle’s devastating betrayal still lingers throughout Bryson Agencies, affecting Brent the most. Though he claims to be handling it, he’s not, leaving the rest of the group no choice but to take drastic measures. Meanwhile, bits and pieces of the past begin trickling into the present, causing Stephen, Brent, and Marc to question everything they were ever told. As tensions flare and secrets are slowly unearthed, Stephen loses faith in Denny. Will their pasts come back to haunt them? Will the discovery of new information regarding a powerful amulet lead them down a more dangerous path? What will become of the Power of Three? Can they keep it safe?

Find it on Amazon Here: Reminiscence

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