Can’t I be my own editor?

You can be your own editor if you want to miss crucial mistakes, plot holes, and inconsistencies. Because you wrote the manuscript, you will not find the small mistakes. Your brain will fill in the missing links or overlook the inconsistent information.

What kind of editing do I need?

What kind of editing you need depends on what shape your book is in. If the story is perfectly executed–and don’t expect that in your first draft–you may only need a good copy and stylistic edit to ensure clarity and flow. But if your story is still iffy, you may need a full-blown developmental edit.

What genres do you edit?

We specialize in Romance, Young Adult, and thriller novels. However, we also accept fantasy, science fiction, and non-fiction books.

Note: We do accept erotica, but please give us a head’s up!

Do you offer a sample edit?

Yes, we do! Send us your first chapter or first five pages to pocketediting@gmail.com.

What is your turnaround?

I can get you your book back in 14 to 21 business days, depending on the length of your book and the kind of editing you require.

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