The Three Ways I Fight Writer’s Block

Everyone gets writer’s block. It’s bound to happen. But you’re never truly blocked.

Check out the three ways I fight writer’s block:

Writer’s Toolbox

This is my favorite way to beat back writer’s block. I actually used my Writer’s Toolbox to work out the plot for Lies that Bind and my new WIP, She Almost Got Away.

Each toolkit comes with a booklet, sixty exercise sticks (with first sentences, non sequiturs, and last straws), 60 sixth-sense cards, and four spinners (with protagonists, actions, obstacles, and goals).

I would recommend using the Writer’s Toolbox as a first step if you’re unsure what you want to do for your next project. However, it can be good for helping to overcome a block. Sometimes, when I’m stuck, I’ll pull out a stick or a spinner and it helps me come up with new ideas.

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are a wonderful way to overcome writer’s block. Check out this link to get a writing prompt for every day of the year.

I also went to my local Five Below and Books-a-Million and found books full of prompts. Sometimes it’s fun just to pull out the books and write for a little while.

These prompts may not get you out of a block, but they may spur some new ideas. Give it a shot. See what you come up with.

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting prompts to my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts every Wednesday.

Work on Something Else

This may seem obvious, but it wasn’t to me when I first started writing. I’d run into a block, then wait days, sometimes weeks, for inspiration to strike. I lost valuable writing time.

It doesn’t matter what you write. Just write something. It could be a blog post or a poem or a piece of flash fiction. Get something out. And once your mind is loose and focused on something else, that block may lift itself.

What do you do to beat writer’s block? Have you tried any of my methods above? Let me know in the comments!

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