eBooks or Print? How do they Measure Up?

To start off, I use the Kindle app. I read books on the Kindle app. I read books to my daughter on the Kindle app. But we also have three overflowing bookshelves.

There are pros and cons to both eBooks and print books. Here are mine.




You can have a hundred books on your Kindle app, and all you need is whatever device you’re reading on. It makes moving a lot easier, especially if you have a large library. My daughter’s books alone will take up three or four boxes the next time we move.


In my experience, Kindle books can be a LOT cheaper than print books, unless you’re buying them used. I love hitting up Goodwill and other thrift stores! My favorite store, though, is Books-a-Million.


This is especially true when you’re reading a series. When I was reading the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, I finished the first book—which I had in print—late in the evening. Since I didn’t have a car, I couldn’t just go get the second book. And I absolutely needed to keep reading. So, I hopped online, ordered the second book, and it was delivered to my Kindle app!


Upfront Cost

While the eBooks themselves can be cheaper, the upfront cost of an eReader sometimes isn’t. Unless your device is purely for reading, you can be looking at hundreds of dollars.

My iPad cost me a few hundred dollars, but I don’t just use it to read. I write, design, and stream on it as well. Do your research before you buy, because you may end up wanting something more in the future.

The Need for Electricity

An eReader requires power. If your power goes out and all your books on a device that runs on a rechargeable battery, then you’re in trouble when that battery dies!

Print Books


The Feel of the Paper

If you’re anything like me, nothing can beat the feel of a real book in your hand. There’s something about a book. The feel of the pages. The smell. There’s nothing like it.


Yeah, I know. It’s kind of weird. But books make some wonderful décor! I’ve been gunning for the new cover collection of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series. The covers create a beautiful pencil-drawn image. If I had the wall space, I’d blow up the covers of my favorite books and frame them.


Sharing an eBook can be hard. Not all books are shareable and not everyone has an eReader to begin with. But if you’re lending a print book, all you have to do is hand it over (if you dare).



While I put this is a pro for eBooks, it’s also worth putting as a con for print. Unfortunately, print books can be hard to store if you’re low on space. Our current place is so small that I now have a growing stack of books next to my desk. We even have boxes of Nancy Drew and Magic Tree House books for our daughter in storage!

Easily Damaged

While your eReader may be fragile, you probably have it in a case (I have a heavy-duty case and a tempered glass screen protector). Print books can be damaged very easily, especially when you have a toddler like mine. She pulls books off shelves like it’s her job!

Both eBooks and print books have their pros and cons. Personally, I love my Kindle app when I’m traveling or looking for a quick, cheap read (yay Kindle Unlimited). But I love walking around a bookstore and curling up with a paperback in my lap.

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

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